In the vicinity of Houlgate, for lovers of the remains of the War!
Between 15 mm and 1 hours drive, discover the largest sites of the remains of the war:

The batteries of Merville Come to discover the bunkers with in each of the mini museums, you will be able to discover a plane of parachuting and you will also be able to participate in one of the bunkers with a simulation of bombardment and neutralization of the batteries of Merville (Sounds, Lights, smoke and Odors).

The bridge of Pegasus: on this site you will discover the bridge that served the film the longest day, a museum to visit and the famous coffee that has remained in its juice of the year 40 with always a descendant of the family who was present at the liberation of the bridge.

The Grand Blockhaus Ouistreham: You will discover the life of the German army in a building of 7 floors.

Arromanche les Bains: with its museums and the remaining buildings of the artificial harbor which served for the unloading of the material of the allies. Important site to visit

The landing beaches: Omaha beach where there has been time of death and so you can understand why such a disaster.

The American Cemetery: you will discover this site with all these white crosses and you will feel an icy wind on your arrival.

Do not forget the Caen Memorial, a must-see site. You will have for the day to discover all these rooms representing the multiple French wars of the last century at the end of the second world war.

and for enthusiasts, you can go to Holy Mother Church (soldier stay on the steeple of the church), also through the German Cemetery La Combe.